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Lowest winning in Who Wants to be A Millionaire?
July 28, 2008, 4:17 pm
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变奏曲 ending song 伍家辉-虽然我愿意
May 29, 2008, 4:28 pm
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hope u all like it! =D

变奏曲 finale!!!
May 24, 2008, 9:29 pm
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manage to catch the remaining eps from mobtv, the show turns out to be another “butterfly effect” where junjie makes a travel back in time back to before zhiling’s incident and try to make it all right, will he succeed? click on the following link for full spoiler

click here for spoiler

23/5/2008 超级星光大道第三季 touching ending
May 24, 2008, 1:16 pm
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伯恩 as the 11th contestant to be knocked out of the singing competition

伯恩 confessed this love to 佳瑩!!! extreme touching ending!!! speech said by his father also shocked me.

see 5:40 onwards if u want to jump directly to the 示愛 part! but the begining part where his family members make comment is also touching!

blog which appears on chn 8 9pm show 变奏曲
May 21, 2008, 11:47 pm
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not sure how many of you catch the show, but for those who did they will know there a blog which xiao ruo wrote, here a link digged out by someone (csi team):

– there actually 2 comments on the blog people tot its real one ZZz