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Interesting feature from iphone default sms
December 28, 2009, 2:55 am
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Wa Chinese can write out using my fingers and the app will detect and recommend the words=o


22nd dec 2009
December 22, 2009, 3:27 am
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3 days to Christmas 8 days to brand new year tats what I realise today, my dec has been very lifeless with slping daydreaming day by day, it’s been quite a while since I have such a carefree days. Anyway tis going to be the last sch holiday I ever could have as I be busy with my fyp for the whole of next yr followed by going back to the sucky working life once again.

Talking abt my fyp, went back sch today and had an hour of chatting with my prof, it’s more like a “get to koe u” session. I reveal to him my weakness in study during the chatting so tat he wouldn’t be feeling too disappointed if my fyp is to face any prob due to my incompetence in the future. But ofcos I’m going to give my very best shot to end my studies in a nice way.

Was reading a blog a moment ago, the author mention tat she felt tat she lost her passion in life unlike the days she had during her sec life, I remembered myself used to be so enthu abt the things I do and watever happens ard me, my happiest days were during poly, skip lessons, plays cs Warcraft , went down to town at last once per wk, life was so simple back then. Ever since my ns days began, I seems be have not much passion in my life, everyday seems to be the same to me, nothing worth looking forward to. I be 27 next yr, sometimes I really wonder if I have wasted too much time along the way…nonetheless I have met some people which I tik I will never be able to forget them. There no right or wrong choice and since I have decided my path I juz have to move on with it. What ever lies along the path I’m sure I be able to learn smthing out of it. It will certainly be better than having an “empty” future. Hope my remaining days of tis yr will be a fulfilling one 🙂

iFiles – app allows you to share files with your friends via Wifi or BLUETOOTH!
December 17, 2009, 10:05 pm
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its a must have iphone app!!!
allows user to transfer files to other iphone users thru wifi or bluetooth
furthermore u can use yr pc browser(ie firefox) to access to yr iFiles/iphone folders and download/upload any files!

jbreakers will be able to direct access iphone folders in the iFiles app without
having to move the files over to iFiles folders before able to share. The following
instructions are needed to be carried out.

step 1 – install OpenSSH

step 2 – install iFiles from apple store or from other sources

step 3 – download and install winscp on your pc(windows program from

step 4 –
open winscp connect to yr iphone (if this yr first time using winscp, following instructions here then go to this directory: /private/var/mobile/Applications and search for the iFiles folder(you have to search each folder to find out which is the iFiles folder, the correct one has a folder inside). Then go into the Documents folder then Files, now you will see 4 Folders Documents, Movies, Music and Pictures open now Terminal in winscp and type : ln -s /var/mobile ./mobile and you will see there will come another folder named mobile! thats the folder linked to your iphone main folders! JOB DONE!

step 5 – now you can run yr iFiles app, browse to any files and juz do a SWIPE across it and u will see the sharing menu out! =) Cheers!^

A day to be remembered..
December 9, 2009, 1:59 am
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how often do you get to know a girl on the bus…..6th dec 2009 standard chartered day..