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Beautiful Strike!!!
December 29, 2008, 10:59 pm
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i have all it takes to win it and i won it

never give up and dare u write me off!

chiong chiong chiong into the brand new 2009!!!


Wah! my Second Santa gift in the afternoon!!!
December 17, 2008, 4:02 pm
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Yeah! My first santa event gift is here!!!
December 17, 2008, 12:48 pm
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Merry Christmas Singapore!^^
December 13, 2008, 12:54 am
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went for a walk around bugis and orchard today, here some pics taken

will take and post pics of christmas deco @ taipei!!!

Staying healthy
December 12, 2008, 2:13 am
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its been quite some times since i last blogged, finally project are over and nw is officially my HOLIDAY!!!! been 赖床 these few days haha. nice weather nice bed =D

start off with what happen a few hrs ago, was taking the lift back home juz nw and saw a auntie which looks familiar to me but with her hair all gone. she saw me thru the reflection window of the lift door and said ” xiao di, bo ji de wo le mah?” i replied her that actually i recognise her at moment i spotted her. we went into the lift and she starts telling me that she was diagnosed with  breast cancer, been going for treatment for around 20+ times, she said there one last to go. she shown me her arm where the needles are poked and surgery cuts on her upper chest area.  i was quite stun at that moment cause a few mths ago, she was still ok. when the lift reached her floor, she told me to take good care of my health, don’t eat too much kfc and stuff. i regret i didn’t say anything encourging at that time, im totally speechless at that moment….got back from and know from my mum that actually the auntie cancer was in the late stage.

life fraglie, precious every moment in life, don’t leave with regrets…

ok back home and start tiking abt life for a while then continue with my SPRING CLEANING which has lasted for almost 5 days already =S. been got rid of much of “useless” stuff. mostly contributed by my poly notes. manage to finally clear up part of my table and placed my lappy there =D. ok my lappy finally got its own area. Cheers!!!!

Christmas coming, taiwan i ish coming too!!! somehow wasnt really looking forward to the trip in some way.i dunno why…but i’m sure i will have fun!!! been eagerly participating in some forum christmas event, called ” secret santa christmas gift exchange event”, the game simply works like this, those forumers interested to join in will need to msg the threadstarter their wishlist for the gifts they wish to receive (3 items). when the dateline is met, the threadstarter will randomly pick the santa and santee with the list of participants. so bascially you will never know who your santa is but you will know who yr santee =D. everyone is not allowed to say out who they sending to(not even writing names on the mail), they will have to buy one of the items that their santee has listed on their wishlist. i joined 2 rounds of the event, sent gift out to my first santee yest =DDD.

tatata, been trying diff kinds of natural tears eye drop for my dry eyes prob, found one recently that is quite effective, allergan Refresh Liquigel. quite useful for people like me with serious dry/allgeric eye prob. but i think i be changing to another eye specialist soon, tiking of going snec.

oh btw i watched The Day THe Earth Stood Still, was just like what i expected, the story line was quite plain, not much exciting actually happen in the show, giving it a 6/10 ba.

Time check 2:09am 12 Dec 2008 right now, have to start planning my holidays already, there many places i wish to go, food i wish to eat =p

ok boys and girls(em..i dun tik there any girls reading my blog but if you happen to be one, then HELLO!) live life to the fullest, i know you heard that too many times, but its true, chances may not come again, just do whatever you think of doing, cos u never knew whats tmr be like.

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities

Im still in school now!!! =S
December 5, 2008, 2:56 am
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doing my ddp (micromouse) project =O, currently in a sch computer room with ard 9 other people here YaWn, time check 2:53am. Its quite fun actually unlike other projects. i think it be one of the memorable module i had so far. everyone jia you! 6hrs more to demo!!!! and way comes the holiday!!!!

the rOom =O


silent hill ntu


canteen A @ 4am plus, notice on the left there still a guy surfing the net =.=