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Take a deep breathe!!!
November 26, 2008, 10:31 pm
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finally exam over!!! whahahahaha still got one project to go! mad mad CraZy! anyway already in holiday mood hasnt been going out for a walk since june holiday =S ok i went vivo once =O.

Today brought a new pair of sandles cos my army wear totally self “rip” into parts today in sch =I, went hg mall and randomly choose one(cos not in shopping mode), ended up with a oversize sandle =O i told my mum its ok, when i grow up it will fit in well =Q. games games Games been dling alot of games played some but not really addicted to any but playing psp on train ride really makes my journey to the west feel much more shorter =D. installed windows 7 into my umpc juz nw, looks 99%  like vista =.= except the wording “windows 7” and a few other minor diff. yr end its coming again, christmas!!!! ok i dun celebrate tat but i do like to run along orchard road and watch those lightings. sometimes its gd to slow down the pace and take a gd look of the things around you, its actually a beautiful world.

missed the what anime exhibition which is like last wk sobsob, but there still sitex ahead =D and next yr jan got chi bi part 2!!! horray, ok la thats not a bad show ok. Today is 26 Nov, last yr this day i tearing under my bed, today im planning activities to fill up my holidays, what will i be doing next yr?

ok guys if u got any games to intro(pc,psp,wii,nds) do leave a comment =DDD Taiwan Cheers!!!


An apple for a APPLE
November 23, 2008, 1:28 am
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someone from a local forum exchanged a ipod shuffle 1gig with an apple, promotion from courts =O O.O

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Quote of the wk
November 14, 2008, 5:36 pm
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Men get into love to have sex,while women do sex to get love

NtU Cpe207 Pbss Project!~~
November 8, 2008, 1:52 am
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time files, its already the end of the sem, exams are queuing up next “mad “crazy “ki sIao =O , anyway its been quite a fun and memorable wk, esp on monday as its the final day for module cpe207 pbss(public bus simulation software).  had to repeat my presentation speech THREE times cos there 3 examiner going around each grps. but as a whole we are a “company”(Wayne Enterprises – Software Division) creating the bus simulation software, can’t wait to get hold of the installation disc~!!!(yesh our software is made into a software disc juz like any retail software). After all the presentation stuff we have a short celebration, here some pics!

My lead Developer Derong!!~~~


i’m serious during presentation k!


SubSYStem – Scheduler Team


CPE207 All Rounder – KAJ! Kevin Anthony Jones


The Lead Developers@@ all the aces boys and girls


CompAny Wayne!~


3 wks to end exam, plus 1 wk to finish off ddp and 42 days to TaIwan!~!!!

sleeping is the only enjoyment at my current life Zzz